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Option 1 - Free Access

If you have an interest in the gyroplane community, you can join our network and become a Registered User of the Gyropedia website.

For Everyone
  • Access to the latest definitions of the Best Practice Techniques, updated in real time.
  • Access to the Best Practice Forum, ask questions and comment online.
  • Your Flying Skills Assessment 'snapshot', understand the skills you know and the skills you have yet to master.
  • The Pilot Toolkit, Stay Safe, Stay Legal, Easily
  • A Free Trial of all the online Pilot and Instructor Training Material
  • Communication of important events in the worldwide gyroplane calendar
Additional Benefits for Student Pilots
  • Your training records, entered by your instructor.
Additional Benefits for Qualified Pilots
  • Your Personal Task List and Mentor link as part of the Pilot Development Program.
Additional Benefits for Instructors
  • The Best Practice Challenge, make your experience count.
  • Your Student Record System, with the minimum of administration time.

Join Our Network

Option 2 - Annual Subscription

After you have joined our network, you have the option to subscribe annually and become a Member.

By subscribing

  • You get access to the online training material for student pilots and pilots - How to Fly a Gyroplane.
  • You are supporting the ongoing project for promoting safe gyroplane flying worldwide.

You can cancel at any time.

Online Training Material
  • Unlimited access to the online training material for initial pilot training - How to Fly a Gyroplane
  • Unlimited access to the online training material for Gyroplane Technical
  • A total of:
    • 97 Study Topics
    • 56 Inflight & Breifing Videos
    • 4 Interactive Computer Graphics
    • 400+ Multiple Choice Questions
    • 46 Lesson Plan Diagrams
Additional Pilot Toolkit Functionality
  • The ability to print your pilot's logbook cross referenced to each country.
  • Your reminders emailed to you before they expire, to help you plan.
Support of the IAPGT Project
  • Helping to obtain One Gyroplane Licence and No Gyroplane Accidents
Preferential Rates on IAPGT Events
  • Live Webinars
  • Best Practice Symposium Events
  • One-to-one Live Web Training

Annual Membership is USD 149 / EUR 149 / GBP 120 / AUD 199

Less than 1 hour of flying instruction in a gyroplane *

To subscribe, please login and click the Subscribe button from the menu

Option 3 - 'Bolt On' Purchases for specific courses

Full members can "bolt on" one-off purchases for training material for

  • Instructor Training

You have unlimited access to these courses, including all future development of the courses, for as long as you remain a full member of the Association.

Instructor Training
Online Training Material
Printed Reference Guides and Leaflets
  • Quick Reference Guide Books for Instructors (4 Books)
  • Student Assessment Worksheets (Check Flight Schedule)

  • How to teach the groundschool (4 Workbooks)

  • Laminated Quick Reference Cards

  • International Syllabus Cross Reference Leaflets

Getting Started - Live Web Help
  • 1 Hour of Free Skype Video Conference to help you get started.

One off Payment : USD 1400 / EUR 1400 / GBP 1200 / AUD 1800

Less than 3 days of Practical Instructor Training, saving typically 10 days of Practical Instructor Training. *

Purchase the Online Training Course

* Based on the average price of training, data collected from a sample of instructors in different countries.

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