The Gyrocopter SimulatorFM

The Immersive Training Device

We have developed a gyroplane simulator that teaches

We have developed technology that integrates a "virtual instructor" and "feels real" control animatronics providing an immersive training experience.

More than a Simulator

The problem with most simulators is that you need to know how to fly a gyroplane, especially taking off, before you can use it. This requires an instructor to coach you and supervise you whilst you are using the simulator.

Our simulator technology is different

  • It incorporates lessons using video, where the virtual instructor moves the controls just as if they are in the gyroplane.
  • It demonstrates exercises integrating real-world views (using a Google Earth type application) with our own computer animations.
  • It is fully integrated into the methods and best practice techniques of the IAPGT standardisation training program.

Stick Forces and Surround Vision

Our simulator vibrates in tune with the rotor and engine rpm - if feels right when you sit in.

Our simulator emulates the stick forces including full developed blade flap - you can feel rotor handling problems, without fear of damaging your aircraft.

Our simulator uses a multi-projection system or a TV based system

It uses Standard Technology

  • You can use our technology to build your own simulator
  • All our screens run in standard web browsers, you can build the display system using cheap tablets and standard projectors. There are no complex graphics cards to install.
  • The main control centre can be a standard PC or Mac computer, configured as a web server.
  • You can build your own "body" to emulate any gyroplane model you wish.
  • Animatronics use custom boards that can added as modules.

See it in Action

If you would like to see one of these simulators in action, contact us.

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